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Idol Slim Coffee (Weight Loss Diet Drink Slimming) 10 Sachet-6fos

৳ 500
Helps to inhibit the accumulation of fat, strengthen the muscle mass to tighten the skin White, healthy, safe, no harm, no side effects. Results within 7 days Good shape, fit, say goodbye As you are new The shape is good forever Sugar-Free, L-carnitine, Collagen

Natural Slim Tea – 30 Pcs

৳ 250
100% Natural and Full Free of Side Effects Slimming Tea, which helps the body to maintain weightless, harmful toxins, gas-free, and slim by reducing excess weight. If you eat 3 cups on an empty stomach in the morning and 3 cups in the night, that is, in regular 6 months, you will lose 5-6 kg, Insha Allah! Slimming Tea Ingredients: Senna leaf, Senna pod, Ficus religiosa, Terminalia chebula, Swertia, Fenugreek, Piper nigrum, Cumin seed, Black cumin, Green tea, Ginger, etc.